BREXIT and the fall of Sterling Pound (GBP)

As the United Kingdom goes to the polls deciding if they should be staying in the European Union, the local forex scene had already began reacting.

Results show the Brits are going for a Brexit.

The Sterling Pound (GBP) is now on a free fall. Our data shows the 6 month average for GBP is 0.503138359.

At the Raffles Arcade, where a slew of money changers reside, we found that most are transacting at 1SGD to 0.5263 GBP. All images are shown as of 1pm today.

There were already a few money changers here that have started to indicate that their GBP stocks are out.

We are working hard to bring GBP on CashChanger, and it should be rolling out soon.

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Updated: UK had confirmed for a Brexit.