Cash on hand is a must

One of the essentials in a busy life is having the opportunity to travel in different countries
you’ve never been before in order to unwind, relax and clear the mind of all the things work.

Travelling is fun, but before you hit the airport, you will need to have a plan on your trip. Given limited time and unlimited sights and scenes, planning in advance will maximize your time.

Are you a shopping junkie who live breathe shopping or a foodie who lives to eat? These preferences would determine how your itineraries are planned.

Because of preferences like these, you could then eyeball accommodation – hopefully near your places of interest in prices that doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Airbnb or Agoda is your best friend.

With all these in mind, you will get a better idea how much cash you will need for your wanderlust to happen.

Start a spreadsheet to track expenses that you already know – things like train tickets, hotel, entrance fees, etc.

Don’t underestimate this step, as this would determine if you will have a great holiday or not. Especially in many parts of Asia, especially with China, not all your credit cards would work.

Even if credit card works, you will be forced with either 1) hit by surcharges, or, 2) to find an ATM / bank branch to withdraw funds.

Either of these could be better mitigated if you had planned and brought enough cash.

The best way to save is to plan – and bring enough cash in foreign currencies. Depending on which currency you are looking for, we got you covered.

Start planning for your winter wanderlust now!