Chinese Tycoon’s Son Buys $3.8 Million Bugatti In Vancouver With Dad’s Credit Card, Complains About Taxes

Chinese Tycoon’s Son in China uses Dad's credit card Buys a $3.8 Million Bugatti In Vancouver, and yet still complains about the taxes in Canada.

Ding Chen then posted a story on his Instagram about the expensive taxes bills he has to pay. The words in Chinese says " These Taxes, My Heart Is Tired " The Instagram story has then vanished after 24 hours, but it is already widely spread all around.

The bill includes a 1.7 per cent Union Pay fee, which, if imposed on the pre-tax price, would work out to C$71,400 alone - about the price of a BMW M3.

Chen's Instagram account was then either closed or locked down around an hour after this article was published.

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