Introducing CurrencyFair - 3 Months Unlimited Free Transfer

CurrencyFair is an Irish based peer-to-peer money transfer company recently launched in Singapore. Founded in 2009, they have processed over SGD 14 billion and won multiple awards.

What is unique about CurrencyFair is that they offer their customer a choice to:
1. Exchange right now at the best available rate, OR
2. Request a higher rate and when it is reached, then the transfer will take place

CurrencyFair rates are on average 0.35% from mid-market rate and charge a fixed fee of €3 (or its currency equivalent) per transfer.

Previously, CurrencyFair's main foothold has been across Europe, Australia, and Canada. They are expanding into Asia where they are adding more geographical locations and currencies.

From Singapore, they allow transfers out 20 currencies where you can see here. CurrencyFair focuses on bank account transfers and does not offer cash pickup or cash collection services.

CurrencyFair Promotion!

Remit.CashChanger is happy to share an amazing offer from CurrencyFair. Signed up with CurrencyFair by 31st December 2019, 23:39hrs and get a 3 months unlimited free transfers. The 3 months of unlimited free transfers will be applied to your account on the date of registration. These will be available to use as soon as your account has been verified and activated.

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