How to Read and Compute Rates in Money Changer Board?

Singaporeans love to travel.

But before we board our flight, most of us would head to the nearest money changer.

Blasted with a dizzying array of numbers in two columns, how do you decipher which value you’re changing your currency at?

Don’t worry. We’re here to give you a five minute guide to successfully deciphering the money changer board.

The Scenario.

I'm going to Japan, and I just want S$1000 to be changed into Japanese Yen.

At the money changer, I'll get to see the rates being presented to me like this:

The Solution.

If you are holding Singapore Dollars (SGD), you should be looking under the WE SELL column.

The value shown in our example is 12.44.

But are you getting ¥12.44 per S$1000? Nope.

The Math.

Here's how we should calculate, and it's fairly easy:

( Base currency(SGD) / We Sell Column ) X Unit


($1000 / 12.44) X 1000 = **80385.85 Yen

Okay, so that's all for the math part, and we recommend using the calculator on your smartphone.

But if you already have a smartphone, why not try our money changer calculator?

Just enter whatever you see on the board and we'll do magic for you. Amazing?

Give it a go and let us know. :)

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