How to send & remit money to China


We will explore 2 of the best ways to remit money to China.

One of the easiest ways to send money to China is to make your remittance through Online Remittance, where you send your money online remittance agents licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and banks. Common money transfer methods include bank account transfer via BOC, ICBC, Moneygram, Zhongguo, Western union, Instarem, Transferwise, Worldremit, Paypal, DBS, UOB, OCBC and so on.

*Here's a tip for your remittance to China –

Use a few days before you are ready to send money. Track to monitor the remittance rates for a few days to find the cheapest option to send money to China with a few simple clicks, for the amount you wish to remit.

After you have compared the best rate to send money to China, use your Bank Account to perform an online transfer using the remittance provider. Bear in mind to apply through to open an account with the providers, so that when the rates are it's best and cheapest, you can simply confirm and click to remit money to China through the provider.

An alternative method is via SGD or CNY RMB Renminbi Cash remittance over the counter at the shops, to be paid into a bank account or by cash pickup in the destination country.

Either way, start your transfer by comparing for the best rate on, start your transfer via online or at the offline remittance agent of your choice, and money is locally delivered to the bank account, or via cash pickup in China.

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