Best Night Markets In Taiwan

The night markets are an essential part of the Taiwanese life that attracts both locals and tourists. With many airlines flying from Singapore in short duration, it not surprising to see it’s a destination of choice for short getaways among Singaporeans. If you are short of time and unsure of which one to visit, here are some suggestions!


Shilin Market
Address: 101 Jihe Road, Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan

This night market is located near the former location of a wharf on the Keelung River. It encompasses two distinct sections sharing a symbiotic relationship and a section formerly housed in the old Shilin Market building, containing mostly food vendors and small restaurants; and the surrounding businesses and shops selling other non-food items.
Must Try Food: Milk Tea, Small Sausage in Large Sausage, Fried Chicken Fillet, Stinky Tofu and many more!

RaoHe Market
Address: 105 Raohe Street, Songshan District, Taipei, Taiwan

One of the oldest night markets in Taipei, the Raohe Street Night Market is a must visit destination! The epitome of a traditional Taiwanese night market, this 600metre path along Raohe Street in Songshan District is packed with fun and interesting night foods and snacks, quaint shops and stalls, and carnival games with prizes.
Must Try Food: clam noodles, Fuzhou pepper Pie, The Famous Chen Dong Medicine Stewed Pork Ribs, Mala Stinky Tofu and many more!


Feng Jia Market
Address: 407 Wenhua Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan

Feng Jia Night Market is one of the largest Night Market in Taiwan and it is the most popular night market in Taichung. For many, it is probably even Taiwan's most favourite market that was once established along Wenhua Road , then expanded to Fengjia road (逢甲路), Fushin road(福星路), Xian street(西安街) etc. The area provides an assortment of shops to browse through which have Food/drink stands, clothing stores, restaurants, games to play and most notably, lots of snacks to please any palate.
Must Try Food: papaya milk, Kinmen Fried Instant Noodle, pineapple ice and many more!


Tainan Hua Yuan Market
Address: 533 Section 3, Haian Road, North District, Tainan City, Taiwan

Hua Yuan Night Market is different from the rest of the Night Markets as they only operate for certain on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. There are no store fronts and all small vendors gather in the allocated area serving food, groceries and games.
Must Try Food: Mochi, Red Tea Stinky Tofu, Braised Organ/Meat, Spring Roll Ice Cream and many more!


LiuHe Night Market
Address: Liuhe 2nd Road, Xinxing District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 800

Liuhe Night Market is an international sightseeing night market in South Taiwan which locate along liuhe road, during the day it is a road full with vehicle passing by but when during the night time it is a lively and bustling night market. Various snacks and stalls appear in a row and they are the only night market which sells snake meat!
Must Try Food: Snake Meat, Barbecued and Deep Fried Seafood, Rice Ball Soup, Braised Duck Parts and many more!

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