Introducing WorldFirst – Win Two Travel Voucher Worth S$5,000 Each

WorldFirst is an award-winning UK based money transfer company founded back in 2004. They are probably notable for being acquired in February 2019 by China’s Ant Financial best known for it’s Alipay service.

Worldfirst prides themselves for their easy-to-use online platform, outstanding customer service, and competitive rates at 0.10% to 0.50% from mid-market rate.

They are a little different from the other online remittance like TransferWise or InstaReM. Firstly, they only allow transactions of SGD 2,000 and above. Worldfirst does not have a fully online account opening system.

From Singapore, they allow transfers in 10 currencies. However, they focus on bank account transfers and does not offer cash pickup or collection services.

To perform a remittance for the first time, you have to:
1.Register for free
Complete the simple online registration form. They will be in touch with you to verify some details and complete the process

2.Book a rate
Let them know who to pay, how much (minimum $2,000) and in which currency. They will then confirm your rate so that you can book your payment.

3.They will make your payment
Send your money to them by bank transfer and they will make the onward foreign currency payment to the account of your choosing.

From Singapore, Worldfirst allows transfers in 10 currencies. They focus on bank account transfers and does not offer cash pick or collection services.

Prize Giveaway!
Remit.CashChanger is thrilled to partner with WorldFirst. They are giving away TWO travel vouchers worth S$5,000 each! To win this fabulous giveaway, you must first transfer a minimum of S$2,000 or equivalent amount with your WorldFirst individual/personal account. Your personal account needs to be registered in Singapore and you must be residing in Singapore. Two winners will be notified by email, by 16 December 2019. The offer will be valid from 7 August 2019 to 12 December 2019.

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