Money Changer robbers arrested in Bali

Denpasar, Bali Indonesia 17 June - Remember Money Exchange robber shot dead in police in Bali?

Imgur Photo by Marcell Pampur / Radar Bali

Hands and feet Georgii Zhukov, 39, from Russia and Robert Haupt, 41, from Ukraine, were handcuffed by police when they were about to be transferred to Kejari Denpasar on Monday afternoon.

At that time the Denpasar Police Resmob Team managed to secure two perpetrators - Georgii Zhukov, 39, from Russia and Robert Haupt, 41, from Ukraine.

Alexei Korotkikh, 43, from Russia was shot dead during the arrest process for trying to fight officers.

Another Russian involved is still at large and has not yet been caught. After the investigation document was declared complete, the two suspects, Georgii Zhukov, 39, and Robert Haupt, 41, were transferred to the Prosecutor's Office.

Delegation of suspects, files and evidence was carried out on Monday (6/17) afternoon. In the delegation process, the two suspects were seen wearing complete shoes and wearing prisoners in chained hands and feet.

Kabagops of Denpasar Police, Kompol I Nyoman Gatra, said that both were subjected to articles on theft by violence, as stipulated in article 365 paragraph (1), paragraph (2) 1st, and 2nd of the Criminal Code.

"This is the second stage of submission of suspects and evidence. We have packed all the evidence and are ready to be sent. So these two suspects will be transferred to the prosecutor's office," said Gatra's Commissioner, Monday (6/17) afternoon.

He said, after the delegation of the two suspects, the Police in the near future will bestow files from Naira.

This Russian woman is one of these conspirators. He was arrested three days after the police secured two suspects who were now handed over.

Naira's role is to provide the vehicle used by the perpetrators in the robbery. The one is waiting for the complete filing called Naira.

"He helped prepare the vehicle. Stay later if you have completed your stay, "he said.

*First Reported on Radar Bali *

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