Money Changer Robbers still on the run, Bali Airport Security Heightened

Denpasar Bali, Indonesia -

Perpetrators of money changer robberies that are allegedly an international network are still being pursued by the police.

So far, the Police continue to conduct investigations and close out access including airports and ports.

The pursuit of Russian network players who robbed money changer BMC in Tanjung Benoa, South Kuta, Badung is still ongoing.

Guarding in the Bali region was continued to be intensified by the Denpasar resort police (Polresta) until yesterday, Monday (1/4/2019).

This was in continuation from the report published on Tuesday on Cashchanger

This was done because there were still targets involved in the robbery money changer BMC with DPO status.

Kapolresta Denpasar Pol Commissioner Ruddi Setiawan also explained that he had coordinated with the police in every region in Bali.

"We have coordinated with the police at the border and other areas in Bali, of course this is done to be able to find one perpetrator who is still a DPO," said Pol. Comr. Ruddi Setiawan.

He believes that the perpetrators sought are still in the area of ​​Bali, so safeguards continue.

"The suspect that we are looking for is still in Bali. All the exits from Gilimanuk, Ngurah Rai Airport, Padang Bai, we are tight, the event has no gap for him or this actor to flee Bali," he added.

The Denpasar Kapolresta not only asked the regional police in Bali to help guard.

He and the immigration authorities have also worked together to continue to look for perpetrators from foreign citizens.

"Every time there are cases of foreigners we always coordinate with immigration so that they can be handled," he explained.

"The DPO suspect is suspected of carrying a long barrel. When after doing the action, maybe the weapon is put in the car. For that reason, all of us are still investigating again," he continued.

Meanwhile, when asked about the sketch of the perpetrator's face to be disseminated to the community.

Denpasar Kapolresta, still not ascertaining the characteristics of these DPO actors.

"We have not put face sketches on, we are still looking for the characteristics. What does the face look like," he added.

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