Money Changer shocked - $50 million to Ringgit ?

Sin Chew News, Malaysia - A money changer in downtown Sandakan, Sabah was stunned by a $50 million "banknote" that a customer had put up for exchange, scaring the staff into thinking that it was a ghost.

The matter occurred at Tuesday 12:30. The woman took out a 50 million "banknote" and said that she would exchange it into ringgit. Since the denomination was too high, the staff member asked the boss.

When the boss checked, it was found that the "banknote" was neither Indonesian rupiah nor Hong Kong dollar.

As the Chinese Qing Ming Festival is approaching, the woman did not indicate where she got the money, and the frightened boss was afriad that she was a ghost.

She did not dare to tell her that she couldn't exchange the money, but came up with the excuse that the store did not have that much Ringgit. Only then did the woman then left.

Checked CCTV

The boss told Sin Chew that after watching CCTV, he found that it was a "normal human" and was relieved.

This was the first time since the establishment of the company, that he encountered such a strange thing, and he did not know whether the other party was joking or really ignorant.

*Editor's note: The 50 million bills resembles foreign banknotes.