Need Yen ¥ urgently in Japan? CashChanger can help!

CashChanger is now in Japan!

They are conveniently located at major spots, hotels, convenience stores and subway stations all over Japan. Many of them are opened 24 hours daily.

What is even better? You get to enjoy better rates if you scan the barcode on our website.

Here is how you can do so.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select the currency which you wish to buy Yen and click “Find Out Where”

Step 3: CashChanger will provide you with the exchange rates and the locations of the machines.

Step 4: Select the machine you wish to go, it will provide you with the address, operating hours and guide how to get there.

Step 5: There is a QR code where you can scan to enjoy better rates than listed on the site.

At the Machine

All you need is to select the language, scan the QR code for better rates and simply insert your currency into the machine. The machines will dispense the banknotes and coins right up to the nearest ¥1.

Check out the instructional video here!

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Banner Image by meguraw645 from Pixabay