New widget, flights, all on CashChanger

At CashChanger, we know that you'd love to travel. I mean, who doesn't right?

So consider this, if you think CashChanger had helped you save time or money (or both in most cases), do consider booking your next flight via CashChanger. It's conveniently located in our newly revamped widget:

Our flights widget is powered by SkyScanner which searches multiple airlines based on the destination you've specified. By using this widget, you'll get the cheapest flights offered by various airlines.

Here at CashChanger, we rely on SkyScanner to get around the region too. :)

Next up, we've also revamped our currency widget based on the feedback we've gotten.

It is now a lot easier to calculate and offers instant conversion of rates even in slow mobile network:

This tool is great for odd number forex conversion calculations.

As always, do ping us directly for any feedback, and we’ll be happy to hear what you have in mind.

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