Notre Dame's spire collapses in huge fire

The spire of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris collapsed as a huge fire ravaged the roof of the landmark structure in central Paris on Monday afternoon, at a time when renovation works were being carried out at the site. The cathedral, one of the most historic landmarks in Paris and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, is at least partially destroyed.

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Live images of red flames and thick smoke enveloping the roof in the centre of Paris, are provoking shock around the world.

Deputy Paris mayor Emmanuel Gregoire said the spire "collapsed inwards" and that workers were scrambling "to save all the artworks that can be saved."

"Notre-Dame consumed by flames. The emotion of a whole nation," Macron tweeted, adding that "like all my compatriots I am sad to see a part of us burn this evening" and expressing solidarity with "all Catholics and all French people."

The cause of the fire is not yet clear.
Officials say it could be linked to the renovation work that began after cracks appeared in the stone, sparking fears the structure could become unstable.

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