On the roll! Australian Dollar now on CashChanger

Rockhampton, Australia while on the final approach. Sept, 2013.

Its been a busy week for all of us here at CashChanger!

Hot on the heels on launching South Korean Won (KRW) just earlier this week, we’ve gotten overwhelming requests to include the Australian Dollar (AUD).

So we’ve been hard at work trying to push out updated rates from our basket of money changers who offers AUD.

As with all our currencies being watched by CashChanger, you’ll be able to find out which money changer offers the best rates, find out if it’s a good time to buy AUD, and use our rate board deciphering converter.

As always, do ping us directly for any feedback, and we’ll be happy to hear what you have in mind. Also, if you’re looking for any currency that isn’t listed, do let us know.