Be aware in using your ATM/Credit Card, 5 Tips To Protect yourself

As 'Ber months quickly approaches, so is the cache of holidays! But before you jump into that sizzling holiday escapade, we need to talk about skimming - a scam method that is gaining global prominence amongst travellers.

What exactly is card skimming? It is where a portable device is being illegally attached front of or on top of the legitimate credit card slot.

What this device does is to capture card data without your knowledge - which crooks can then use this same data to make purchases or withdraw money from your account without your knowledge.

Sounds scary right?

Did you know 4,131 card skimming incidents were reported in Europe alone!

How to protect yourself from card skimming?

  • Thoroughly inspect the machine. Sometimes, it is good being paranoid. Check the video below on how this guy discover a perfect replica which contained a magnetic strip reader, battery, some sort of switch and a control board designed to steal credit card information.
  • Use the chip instead of swiping.
    chip cardRather than swiping your card, use EMV cards instead, because these chips uses a unique, 1-time transaction token that means nothing even if hacker/skimmer captured your card data.

  • When at a store, avoid using your credit card if the card reader is not publicly secured. Check out this video that shows how thugs can install a fraud device in an instant!

  • Monitor your account. Monitor your credit card statement especially for purchases you didn't make. You should also consider turning on SMS notifications which will notify you when a transaction happen. Monitor your account

  • Use cash. If you feel really uneasy, don't hesitate to use cash. In most most instances, paying by cash is your best bet when you are in foreign land. cash

As always, be safe and keep a keen lookout when you're travelling.

Bonus Tip

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