Top 5 Spots in Suzhou, China

There are more than just trade and commerce in Suzhou. If you are going to Suzhou for business, there are many places to visit while you were there.

1. 平江路 Ping Jiang Lu

Pingjiang Road is a historical old street where it runs 1.6km along the river of the same name.

The streets retains the old charm of a bygone era where the streets and rivers run in parallel.

The modern bars, cafes and souvenir shops continues to preserve the beauty of the area.

2. 七里山塘 Qi li Shan Tang

What a relaxing and unique experience to be on a boat to listen to a play? Shan tang street also have the best views for sunsets. At night, it continues to splendor with the beautiful lights.

3. 虎丘山风景区 Huqiu (tigerhill)Scenic Area

This 2,500 year old mountain is certainly a place to visit with the famous Tiger Hill Pagoda that stands out on the hill's summit, constructed during the early Tang Dynasty (AD 619 to 907).

A planting event, opened to the public, will take place each year. Click to find out the exact date:

4. 苏州博物馆Suzhou Museum

This is not just any boring museum. It is a modern building design by famous architect, I.M. Pei, who was also credited for the Lourve in Paris. The building alone is certainly Instagramable

There are four permanent exhibitions in museum containing cultural relics of the Kingdom of Wu, whose original capital was Suzhou. Many of China's national treasures are also displayed here. It is certainly a place to filled yourself with history, culture and the arts.

5. 周庄古镇Zhou Zhuang Ancient town
This small ancient town is the first waterfront town in China. You must visit the Quan Fu temple built during the Yuan dynasty.

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