Top Travel Destinations for June in 2017

This blog post was originally published on Skyscanner on 19 Apr 2016, and was updated on Apr 2017.

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Haven't booked your holiday for June?

Choosing a destination can be tough sometimes; you have to satisfy everyone in your family, and you have to make sure the weather will cooperate.

Here are some suggestions on where to go in June, if you haven't booked for your mid year break.

1. Rome

Average temperature in June: 23°C

One of the world’s most beautiful cities, Rome is a balmy dream in June. A trip to the Eternal City will open your eyes to the splendours of the ancient world, yet its status as a modern and fashionable metropolis full of beautiful people is unquestionable. Find a cosy hotel in the heart of the city to facilitate your wandering, and walk to all the major attractions. This might cost a bit more, but it will be worth every cent. You won’t go hungry in Rome as it's overflowing with amazing places to eat - this is the home of pizza and pasta after all! Make sure you tour ancient Rome, the Vatican, and some of the many museums that dot the city.

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2. Barcelona

Average temperature in June: 20°C

Known for its laid-back vibes and amazing architecture, Barcelona, one of Europe’s most enticing destinations for your next trip, is best visited in May and June when the temperature is just heating up and festival season is well underway. We recommend exploring the city either by foot or by bicycle, taking in all the sites at street level and interacting with the locals. You can’t miss Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces, and make sure you check out live music venues where performances will blow your mind (but not your wallet). Fuel your body with lots of tapas and vermouth and don’t skimp on the fresh seafood!

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3. San Francisco

Average temperature in June: 13°C

June marks the start of summer in San Francisco, but pack a jacket as the temperatures will dip lower than you might expect. It won’t be cold enough to spoil your fun though, and you won’t experience much more than the occasional light drizzle. The city’s legendary fog will be in full effect, enabling some epic selfies while you’re there. There are so many things to do there, you could easily spend a few weeks meandering the City by the Bay, enjoying everything it has to offer. Ride the Cable Cars around town, take a trip to Alcatraz, pass over the Golden Gate Bridge by car, bicycle or foot, and snap some of the best shots of your life. You can feel really tiny among the Redwood trees in Muir Wood and watch a live baseball game like a true blue American!

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4. Phuket

Average temperature in June: 29°C

June is a great month to visit Phuket, as it is low season, which means lower hotel rates, and you won’t be elbowing your way through crowds of tourists to enjoy the bountiful nature of the region. There will be the occasional shower but most days will see far more sun than clouds, June being the driest month of the rainy season. Even if it does rain, there are plenty of options for fun, be it shopping or donning an apron and taking a Thai cooking class - homemade Pad Thai sounds delish. Whether you’re there for the culture, food, night time entertainment or water sports, you will definitely find something suitable to do during June.

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5. Tokyo

Average temperature in June: 26°C

Ask a Japanese person what’s good in Japan in June and you will most likely hear the word “ajisai” or hydrangeas. The ajisai festivals are on all over Tokyo in the middle of June. One of the best ones, the Bunko Ajisai Festival, starts in early June and runs until the middle of the month at Hakusan Shrine, a beautifully serene slice of Shinto bliss amidst the hustle and bustle of New Edo. There are 10,000 plants on show and entrance is free. June is also known for summer rains and is the perfect time to see a beautiful natural phenomenon - fireflies. Tokyo has some charming firefly events, like the display in the famed gardens of Hotel Chinzanso. The garden is open to both visitors and hotel guests, but if you want to add a touch of class and romance to your firefly-viewing experience, the hotel offers several accommodation packages and special items on the menu to celebrate this season.

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6. Auckland

Average temperature in June: 12°C

Auckland in June is a winter wonderland of fun, festivals and most importantly, food. During this season, the temperature hovers around twelve degrees so it'll be chilly but you won’t freeze. Moreover, if you want to find a deal on flights or cheap hotels, this is the time. This June, if you’re in the area on June 16 and 17, you’ll have a chance to experience the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular, with heady brews from the Antipodes and beyond, along with all the accompanying excitement. It’s a great place to be a foodie, and the Parnell Market is a fantastic place to sample New Zealand’s bounteous harvest. Once you’ve had a taste of the city life, head south for some outstanding outdoor activities in the amazing wild areas of this beautiful country.

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7. London

Average temperature in June: 16°C

London is a pleasantly warm destination in June, and there is lots to keep visitors entertained while in town. One outrageous event is the World Naked Bicycle Ride , held in London on June 10, where several thousand riders drop their togs and hop on bikes in order to celebrate life on two wheels and offer an oil-free alternative to fossil fuel guzzling forms of transport that we too often rely on in the modern world. On June 17 is Trooping the Colour, an event held near St. James Park in honour of the Queen’s birthday. Come down and celebrate in royal style!

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8. Hong Kong

Average temperature in June: 23°C

Hong Kong is always a great choice for a getaway, and the month of June has lots for sightseers to enjoy. The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in Victoria Harbour, also known as the Tueng Ng Festival, is one of the top favourites among the many Chinese Festivals celebrated in the territory. This event goes as far back as the 3rd century, and is famed for its energetic and colourful dragon boat races, where teams of paddlers race the long narrow boats to the beat of a drum down to the finish line.

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9. Langkawi

Average temperature in June: 28°C

June is when most tourists are gone and the island will appear serene and empty. Due to occasional rain, the temperature is often pushed down to comfortable levels, and you'll still get enough sunshine during the day. This is the time of year when the operators start offering substantial discounts due to lack of demand. So it's a great opportunity for tourists to get heavy discounts not only on tours, but also on hotel tariffs, car and bike rentals, and at the same time enjoy a reasonably good weather. It's also a good time for all water sports. Plus with the varied weather pattern comes steady breezes and spectacular cloud formations.

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10. Bali

Average temperature in June: 27°C

Famed for its emerald paddies and pristine white beaches, Bali welcomes tourists from all over the world, searching for their own tiny slice of nirvana. June is just about the perfect month for a visit, as it’s just before high season, the rainy period has yet to descend upon the island, and a room can be had for 30 to 50% cheaper than at its most crowded period. During this month, many of the local shops offer sales and promotions to entice customers, so the shopping is excellent. Bali is synonymous with great food and lucky for you, the restaurants have a surplus of seats. In general, Bali is just really chill during June.

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11. Brisbane

Average temperature in June: 26°C

June is the middle of winter for Brisbane, but it’s actually the perfect time to visit this subtropical urban hub of arts and culture. Temperatures are mild and the weather is dry, which makes for some excellent sightseeing and jaunts to the countryside. During this pleasantly dry season, the city throws several outdoor events like the Out of the Box Festival. Outside the city, there are plenty of other fun options, such as the world-class beaches to the north and south, and the vineyards and jungle hikes of the hinterlands.

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12. Taipei

Average temperature in June: 27°C

Sunshine reigns over Taipei during the generous summer months of June to September. It’s an underrated spot for underwater exploration; there are more than 350 kinds of coral (a third of the world's total species) at Kenting National Park off Taiwan’s southern shores, and there’s no better time than summer to explore this wonder. There are also a lot of other things to do here at the island's premier seaside resort. You can go swimming, surfing, kayaking, and exploring the untamed interior of this fascinating island on tours of the national parks. Fresh local fruits are available the whole year round, but in the summertime, the most mouthwatering and refreshing ones will be season.

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