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Imagine this:

You are just a couple of days more to your much awaited holiday. You’ve packed your bags, taken your leave, trying to hand over stuff at work…

But you have yet changed any foreign currency for your trip?


Then the whole thought of finding out the best rates kind of became a killjoy because travelling down to Raffles Place Arcade is really a hassle.

If all of this sounds familiar to you, here’s where we come in.

We plan to list the rates of the day offered by various popular money changers from a basket of locations. And that’s where it gets interesting…

From here, you as a holidaymaker would then be empowered to make a decision whether making that trip down to Raffles Place is worth that couple of bucks – we will never know, but we can help you find how if the difference is worth your time. All based on the aggregated data listed.

Also, I’m sure not all of you are very mathematically inclined and reading the rates off electronic boards that resembles stock prices might be a challenge. You can join in the queue just to ask rates…

Or you could input whatever you see on the board under the “Sell” column, and we’ll convert it into rates you’ll understand – how much you’ll receive per SGD$1.

Too much to digest? No worries, TL:DR;
  • Showing aggregated exchange rates data from popular money changers locally
  • Helping you to decipher whatever the electronic boards meant by using our Calculator tool

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