Which is the most affordable Telecom Data Plan?

If you used CashChanger to find which money changer had the best deal, we reckon you'll also want to find out which telco has the best deal too.

Fuelled by a glut of new telcos entering the market, as many as eight(!) telcos operate in Singapore.

With so many of telco ads in the media, which telco is has the best value?

Here's a simple comparison of all mobile telcos operating in Singapore and their cheapest offerings:

If you already know your usage patterns and would want to find the most value money plan out there, here are some suggestions:

  • For below 5GB:

Circles.Life – Their 1GB plan wins at $0 per month with 30 minutes call time.

Zero1 – Their plan is the next most value for money at only $9.90 per month, with 1GB. (Note: No talk time)

  • For 9GB:

MyRepublic – You will receive 9GB (4G speed) and unlimited data (manageable speed) total worth of data for $35 per month.

  • For above 10GB, we have a few competitors:

GOMO – Has a plan gives a SIM Only plans a huge edge in this field at 20GB and 200mins talk time for only $20 per month!

Circles.Life – Their 20GB plan is priced at $18 per month (with no call time)

  • For more than 25GB:

TPG – For heavy mobile data users, TPG latest plans give you 60GB at $0 and 20mins talk time.

  • For Unlimited data:

Circles.Life – Full speed unlimited data (4G speed) and unlimited talk time at $59.95 per month

Not all telcos run their own network. Here's a handy list of telcos with which network they are working with:

I hope that this simple post had taught you how to save money when it comes to selecting the most value for money telco!

Source: Seedly

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